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Bailey, Alice Morrey
Alice Morrey Bailey, a Salt Lake City sculptures, was born in Joseph, Utah. She studied at the University of Utah under James T. Harwood (q.v.), Mabel Frazer (q.v.), and A.B. Wright (q.v.) from 1924. She received private tutorials from Torleif Knaphus (q.v.) and was also employed by him to work on his monument The Handcart Company, located on Temple Square, Salt Lake City. She also studied with Millard Malin (q.v.), and again at the U of U under Avard Fairbanks (q.v.). Her work appears at the Springville Museum of Art plus many private collections. Exhibitions include Associated Utah Artists shows (ca. 1941 into 1990's). Alice Morrey Bailey created some works of authentic beauty. She was not only a fine figurative sculptor but an excellent portraitist in the third dimension as well as a writer of poetry.
Bailey, Alice Morrey
January 24, 2017
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